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CIHI and Leah Heise in the News!

CIHI and our CEO, Leah Heise, continue to lead the discussion on medical cannabis in Baltimore. Please look at the following article to learn more.,amp.html

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Applications submitted!

CIHI is proud to announce that we have successfully submitted our applications to the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Our team and partners have worked incredibly hard to put forward a superior plan that will bring jobs to the Baltimore area and address the needs of medical cannabis patients in our state.  We also applaud the Maryland commission for developing a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to bring medical cannabis to our state.    This quality work was done by our CIHI Maryland based group. We are driven by our belief that the Maryland medical cannabis market needs a high quality, local team that lives in and understands Maryland. We are thrilled with the support that we have found in...

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