About CIHI


Our mission is to be the premiere dispensary in the Baltimore medical cannabis market. Our Maryland based women led team has received pre-approval from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. We currently seek the support of the community we intend to serve. We are “From Maryland, For Maryland”.


Expertly provide access to safe, efficacious strains with our experienced team.
  • Offer the highest level of personalized service in an inviting retail environment under the management of a seasoned Clinical Director and expert Retail Manager.
  • Actively research strains, delivery methods and treatment plans with our expert advisory panel including professors at the University of Maryland.


We will collaborate with local researchers at the University of Maryland. 

We will serve our community with outreach including education, charitable contributions, community events and partnerships.

We will leverage our relationships in the city of Baltimore City and work with local Industry and Community groups.


We value the safety of our patients above all else. This value will drive everything we do as a medical cannabis dispensary.